Meet the Doctors

Dr. Brett Winchester

When not practicing at Winchester Spine and Sport, Dr. Brett Winchester teaches around the globe. In 2018, Dr. Brett Winchester lectured in six countries conducting 30 seminars for doctors, students and therapists.

Dr. Brett Winchester served as team chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals for three seasons and teaches for: Gestalt Education, the Motion Palpation Institute, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, The Chiropractic Rehabilitation Diplomate and Maryville University, to name a few. Dr. Brett Winchester’s studies and lectures have taken him to England, Prague, Chile, Sweden, Norway, Canada and across the United States to teach the latest manual therapy research and techniques.

In his free time, Dr. Brett Winchester enjoys spending time with his family, including wife Cheri Thornhill Winchester, a lifelong resident of Lincoln County, and his children Grace and Wade. His hobbies include cycling, snow and water skiing, soccer, tennis and reading.

Dr. Brett Winchester received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic (

Dr. Rebecca Furlano

Exploring the potential disease triggers that manifest into conditions such as chronic pain, hormone imbalances and autoimmune issues represent some of Dr. Rebecca Furlano’s areas of interest in her functional medicine practice. As an early adopter of the functional medicine movement—which is largely based on effective communication between the doctor and patient and treatment of the patient’s body as a whole, from the inside out—Dr. Rebecca Furlano helps patients figure out the root cause of their conditions so they may enjoy restored health and prevent future chronic disease.

A native of Wisconsin, Dr. Rebecca Furlano has worked in the health care field since 2006, with a unique background that includes manual therapy, holistic nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most recently, she studied at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Ill., where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, which gives her the ability to treat patients as a pioneer in modern health care offering a holistic care approach rooted in evidence-based medicine.

“People are ready for something different, something with substance, something other than just feeling average in their bodies, minds and lives,” Dr. Furlano states. “The external world of the body greatly reflects the internal world of the body; my goal is to hold up the mirror for patients to see that connection, and help them make choices about how to change it.”

Dr. Peter Roy

Dr. Peter Roy is from Muskego, Wisconsin, and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he received a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. During his time in Madison, he played wide receiver for the Wisconsin Badgers football team and developed a passion for treating and training athletes.

 Dr. Peter Roy then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. There, he developed a passion for rehab exercise (DNS) and musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Peter Roy also was an active member of the Motion Palpation Institute (MPI) and served as MPI club president his final year at Palmer. Dr. Peter Roy spent his last trimester at Winchester Spine & Sport where he served as an intern. During this time, he found himself inspired by the energy of the office, the knowledge of the doctors, and charmed by the town of Troy.

In his free time, you can find Dr. Peter Roy watching almost any football game, golfing, hiking with his dogs, trying local coffee shops and breweries, or traveling. Dr. Peter Roy is eager to immerse himself into Troy’s community and equally as excited to provide quality, meaningful care to patients at Winchester Spine & Sport.


Dr. Taylor Premer

Dr. Taylor Premer grew up in a small town in Nebraska, attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to study Nutrition Science and then chiropractic school at Cleveland University-Kansas City. There, he served as club president of the Motion Palpation Institute club and acquired over 800 hours of continuing education experience in manual manipulation, rehabilitative exercise (DNS), kinesiology taping, manual therapy, and musculoskeletal diagnosis. Dr. Taylor Premer enjoys reading in his free time and exploring new ways of treating patients. Taylor and his fiance Taylor enjoy exploring new coffee shops and traveling the world together while still making lasting connections in the Troy and surrounding communities. Dr. Taylor Premer is very excited to join the Winchester Spine and Sport office as a chiropractor in Troy, MO.

Sarah Schieffer, Functional Health & Wellness Coach

Sarah Schieffer, originally from Saint Charles, MO, attended the University of Missouri – Columbia where she received her Master of Occupational Therapy (OT). Since college, Sarah has worked in acute care, home health, pediatric early intervention, and public schools.  Her experience as an OT, combined with her personal health journey and passion for functional medicine, led her to becoming an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach (A-CFHC) after attending Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Health Coach Training Program.

 As a health coach, Sarah serves as a guide on your personal health & wellness journey. Acting as a “change agent,” Sarah assists with setting and achieving personalized goals and building new habits–from restarting an exercise regimen or getting into peak physical shape to reducing stress, improving gut health, losing weight, managing chronic conditions (cardio-related, diabetes, etc.), or implementing autoimmune protocols.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband, Michael, and daughter, Amelia.  Her hobbies include going to the lake, traveling to new places, gardening, trying new recipes, yoga, and playing volleyball.