Functional Medicine

Under the direction of Dr. Brett Winchester, with support services provided by functional health coach Sarah Schieffer and AJ Health Services, Winchester Spine & Sport offers functional medicine. From bloodwork orders–observing the current state of the body’s metabolic, hormone, immune and genetics to the determination of food allergies–to providing a whole-body approach to effectively address chronic health conditions, the functional medicine team at Winchester Spine & Sport helps patients restore health.

At Winchester Spine & Sport, we examine your health from the inside out–providing non-invasive, evidence-informed care to ensure every patient can live life to their full potential. By understanding the root causes of health challenges and empowering patients with lifestyle protocols that mitigate symptoms while improving quality of life, our patients report outcomes that meet and exceed their health goals.

Sarah Schieffer, A-CFHC

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Sarah Schieffer is a graduate and certified ADAPT-Functional Health Coach after completing Chris Kresser’s ADAPT course.  Her personal journey with Type 1 Diabetes, passion for the functional medicine field, and career as an occupational therapist have brought her to this role.
As you navigate diet, lifestyle, and behavior change, she is here to provide accountability, goal setting, advocacy, functional medicine resources, and a safe space so that you can make the changes you want to see in your life.

Everyone has their own path to the mountain of health and wellness. She is eager to walk alongside you in your wellness journey through all the twists, turns, roadblocks, surprises, and successes.