Our Approach

We offer the most comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Our Care is Hands-on.


Our Protocols are Evidence-Based.

Our Providers are Recognized Internationally.

Therapies Offered At Winchester Spine and Sport

At Winchester Spine and Sport, we pride ourselves in using a triage of treatment directed at each individual case with a well thought out combination of some of the following:

Chiropractic Care: The foundation of what we do at Winchester Spine and Sport is joint manipulation. The purpose of joint manipulation is to restore lost motion in joint segments, otherwise known as joint blockage. After a proper joint assessment, otherwise known as palpation, we determine where the joint blockages are located throughout the body and restore that motion using joint manipulation, otherwise known as the adjustment. Our doctors each have a very strong background in the Motion Palpation Institute, a national organization that strives to teach doctors and students how to be the best palpaters and adjustors in the world.

Physical Rehabilitation: While the adjustment is great, we want to have lasting effects with the new motion the patient now possess. Our doctors are trained in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, otherwise known as DNS. We truly believe this is the best form of physical rehabilitation in the world and use it with nearly every patient. We use a variety of other physical rehabilitation techniques, including our in-office gym services.

Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (McKenzie): We utilize this assessment and treatment system for nearly every patient that walks in our doors. By using a variety of movements and finding a “directional preference,” we can often make quick improvements on some very frustrating conditions.

Soft Tissue Techniques: At Winchester Spine and Sport, we use a variety of soft tissue techniques to improve tone and tension of the tissues surrounding the joints. Our doctors are trained in many different soft tissue techniques that we utilize depending on the specific condition presented.

Dry Needling: Dry needling can be used for both acute injuries, such as an ankle sprain, to decrease the swelling and bring healthy healing cells to the area to stimulate growth; as well as for chronic conditions that have been nagging injuries for an extended period of time.

Laser: We use a class IV laser at Winchester Spine and Sport. The laser is used to increase photo-biomodulation, which stimulates the healing process in injured tissues.

Shockwave Therapy: The shockwave is one of our favorite modalities to use for tendinopathies, such as plantar fasciitis and golfer’s/tennis elbow. By sending impulses into the tendinous insertions of muscles, it helps to stimulate the healing of these insertional injuries.

Flexion Distraction/Traction Tables: These tables are often used for patients with spinal canal stenosis and/or radiating symptoms to provide relief by helping decompress the joints of the spine.

Nutrition: All of our doctors at Winchester Spine and Sport have a background in functional medicine and can incorporate diet and supplementation into each patient case when it is needed. 

Patient Focused

We established Winchester Spine and Sport to redefine patients’ heath care experience–maximizing human performance and preventing injury and disease.

Our care is hands-on.

Our protocols are evidence-based.

Our providers are recognized internationally for their knowledge of the human body, its biomechanics and function, and comprehensive, integrated treatment protocols.

This is where patients come to meet and exceed their health goals. Where the source of dysfunction and pain are uncovered. Where patients leave feeling they’ve been heard, healed and can enjoy a better quality of life.


The results … just ask our patients.