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What we started more than a dozen years ago in Troy, MO–a patient-driven chiropractic practice–has taken us places we never could have imagined. In 2015, we opened our first satellite practice in Pacific, MO, to offer our St. Louis patients greater convenience and access to our care. In this journey, we crossed paths with Dr. Pat Feder, his wife Juls and their practice Comprehensive Chiropractic. We discovered that we shared a mission for patients and community and that, together, we could provide our patients with more: More Doctors, More Therapeutic Offerings and More Hours to Access Care. Starting April 3, we will unite our Pacific-Eureka practices to better serve our patients. We will treat our patients at Comprehensive Chiropractic in Eureka ( to offer patients a centralized location to receive chiropractic, DNS, soft-tissue, acupuncture and therapeutic rehab. We can’t wait to see where this next chapter takes us and our patients. To make appointments with our doctors, please call Comprehensive Chiropractic at 636-938-9310.

We serve as one of the few clinics in the country offering:

  • Chiropractic adjusting
  • Soft-tissue techniques
  • DNS
  • Therapeutic rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture and dry needling

Within our practice walls, we provide patients with a model of care that is sought-after by clinicians and athletic organizations from across the U.S. and around the world. Our doctors specialize in the human body. We don’t chase symptoms–we uncover the cause of pain and dysfunction. And, our patients enjoy restored health, freedom from pain and improved performance and quality of life.

Drs. Brett Winchester, Austin Panter, Tyler White and Rebecca Furlano help patients reach their health goals, relieve pain, enhance performance and enjoy a better quality of life. Coming soon: Athletic Training programs to enhance performance and reduce risk of injury.


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