Re-Write Your Story: Spinal Stenosis

Taylor Premer, DC

January 7, 2019

Spinal stenosis can be a scary diagnosis and one that usually accompanies low back or neck pain with radiating symptoms down the arms or legs. Not only does the pain from spinal stenosis create disability from normal everyday activities, surgical options can be risky and without much success. Nancy Talir was in this exact position several years ago.

Nancy suffered from low back pain and a multitude of other ailments including spinal stenosis. There were times that she felt helpless and did not know where to turn for help. By taking advantage of the three pillars of Winchester Spine & Sport, chiropractic + functional medicine + functional training, Nancy has taken control of her pain and no longer feels hopeless. Take a minute to listen to her story.

Are you or someone you know in a similar position of not knowing where to turn next? We would love to be a resource for you to find answers and #ReWriteYourStory.

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